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Download from our archive of music, video and voice recordings. Some of the media is partly on Swedish



HASS - First Album 2004

First Album by Högebrant Animation and Sound Studios which are sold out since a long time. There is a Swedish voice who will lead you thought the CD.





HASS - Helvetes Ur 2005

Second album by Högebrant Studios. Eleven songs by lead singer Mattias Högebrant. There only exist 10 original CD of this one and have been downloaded more then 300 times. Some of the tracks are in Swedish.




Animated Glass 2004

A animation with a glass filling on water




Animated Banana and Cup 2003

A animation of a banana on my kitchen desk at home and a cup spinning also on my desk at home



Animated Car 2003

Two cars competing. Not a extraordinary animation but it took quite long time to make





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